Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stepping into Spring!

Spring is finally creeping up on Brooklyn. After winter's incessant teasing of mild weather, the warmth has finally descended upon us. I'm picking out five of my top 5 trends that I want to give a whirl this spring!

1. Entirely Printed Outfits- Matching tops and bottoms are a must this Spring. I personally love anything with hints of a 50's picnic vibe. But pretty much I die over any sort of outfit where the pieces are specifically meant to be worn together.
SHOP: ASOS Matching top and short
            Vintage tribal set
2. Kitschy Prints and Tees- The crazier the better! I'm obsessed with tourist shirts, button ups with fruit prints on them, and any and all cartoon themed t-shirts. They add personality to ANY outfit. The best pieces I've found of this variety are vintage.
SHOP:Tropical Tourist Button Ups
Daga Ziober photographed by Natalia Alaveridan in Harper’s Bazaar Russia March 2012
EDITORIAL:  This adorable jacket and hotpant combo is something I drooooool over. REALLY. GIMME NOW.
Thrifted crazy cheetah printed wind breaker with Dr.Dre shirt and American Apparel Disco Pants
My take on it!
3. BLUE MASCARA- A beauty trend, but super fun to try out none the less. I saw it on the Stella McCartney runway. It brings a fresh eyed, youthful look to (almost) anyone who tries it.
Cara Delevigne at Stella McCartney FW12

4. Gothic Spring-Think dark lipstick paired with a bright white bustier, a choker for some 90's flair, and a short leather full skirt. Summer isn't breathing down our necks quite yet so I still like to embrace a bit of the darker look. Especially fun to do on rainy, cloudy days where I can bring myself to wear a floral dress just yet.
SHOP: White bustier
EDITORIAL: Love this look, minus the rhinestones on the choker. I rarely encourage the rhinestone look.
5. PASTELS-Yes, I know this is cliche and typical blah blah blah. But I want everyone in the world to wear them, and I want an entire outfit of it. I'm in love with monochromatic outfits in pastel. There is something so daring and modern about it.
^^This dude knows wassup. ALSO I cannot stress how much I love men in short shorts. I do. SO MUCH.